It’s the User Interface

The stylish look is what gets ’em in, but it is the smooth user interface that keeps ’em. I figured I would check it out and see what all the hubbub is about, and , mmmmm, it’s niiiiiiice.

So I’ll try to get all my old stuff moved over here, migrated or imported or whatever they are calling it. Enjoy.

Oh, and the spell check even works, thank goodness.

Chit, they won’t let me import stupid Beta-Blogger, so for all archives and cool photos go here.

  1. What is beta-blogger?

    Weird, I imported from blogger with ease – sorry to rub your nose in it though!

  2. yeah luckily we weren’t cool enough to be upgraded to beta yet when we switched. Cross your fingers and hope they address that soon, in the mean time, welcome to the club!

  3. Beta-Blogger is the identical new Blogger, at least I couldn’t tell the difference. I still could’t indent paragraphs or run spell check or any of the stuff that wasn’t working in regular blogger.
    As long as this is where the cool kids are, fine. I’ll just sit at end of the table with my cafeteria tray.

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