The Training Question Answered

Before I publish photos of all the the soy latte art, on which I encourage everyone to please vote, I will make public this tid-bit of information. There has been a development in the position which was offered to me at the coffee shop where I work part time (the “Director of Coffee” position), and which was publicly announced on the 15th of November in a press release. The company made that announcement out of a great surge of enthusiasm while riding the wave of excitement for such promising changes and improvements. We had not, at the time, arrived at a final agreement concerning the scope of work, amount of time involved, and naturally, how much compensation. When it was made clear what was expected of my personal time (I already work a full time job and was simply offering to get all the Baristas well trained), and what responsibilities would be place on my shoulders concerning quality management, equipment maintenance, and overseeing of standards, it became obvious that what they wanted was a full time manger who would be devoted to the company in a way that would not be possible for me. The sacrifice I would have to make would be my family. Time with my family comes in short spurts each day just before we all go to our jobs and school, and just before we put my daughter to bed at night. These times, although they may be filled with discipline, frustration, and tantrums (and the toddler is also hard to manage too), are still the most precious moments of the day. There is no compensation rate, hourly wage, or annual salary that equals a fair trade if I must give up this time spent with my family. I had to turn down the position.

I am still behind the bar every Friday night, slinging milk and espresso, and turning on customers one by one to the concept of micro lots, CoE’s, and the taste of good espresso. Sara

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