Back with Beans

After a short bloggin’ pause, (and a forced DSL upgrade) I’m back with some green beans. The folks from Stockton Graham & Co who were kind enough to sponsor our little Soy Challenge got cozy enough with me to offer me a job as their equipment tech. All these years as a part time Barista, I was never presented with an opportunity to actually make a living in the coffee industry (Barista does not pay much). So now I have left the fast paced life in an engineering firm producing autocad drawings for a leisurely life basking in beans and espresso. Plus I’ll be traveling to some interesting places for training and events and what have you.

If you have recently checked out James Hoffman’s blog, you will notice his beautiful up close photography of a gigantic coffee been, a breed of Arabica called Maragogipe, or like he spelled it, Maragogype. The “Elephant beans” are just huge. My first day on the new job they had me working in the roasting room, mostly just watching the coffee being roasted. I noticed a sample bag of some green beans that were the size of roasted beans. Since they puff up about 20% bigger when roasting, I thought this must be the legendary Maragogipe. The label confirmed this for me. These are a Colombia grown coffee from the “El Boton” estate. We will be cupping it next week, I hope it has big flavor too. Here it is pictured next to an Ethiopia Harrar.

elephant bean

  1. Congrats on the new dig. Those have a disease, it appears. “Elephantbeanness”

    Might have a doctor take a look at it for you or something.

  2. Very cool! What sort of equipment will you be tech-ing?

  3. Thanks. I think their only sickness in inbreeding.

    I will be working on Fetcos, Frankes, Mazzers, Astorias, Rancilios, and the occasional Lamarzoco would be nice. Bunns may come into play if a customer has one and it breaks down. There will be variety of other duties like some Barista training and compilation of a Knowledge Base. And of course, roasting, cupping, and packaging. Stuff like that.

  1. June 13th, 2014
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