A couple of strapping young men come into the shop Friday night and ask me if they get a Guinness, will I put a shot of espresso in it. It is nice that they were concerned with my idea of aesthetics concerning the manor in which I serve the coffee, the average customer may not give a rat’s tukis. I told them, hell, not only can you have a shot in your beer, I’ll take pictures for cryin’ out loud.

I have never personally done this before, or seen this before. I was not sure what the most dramatic way, visually speaking, of serving this would be. So I just had them pour the shot into the Guinness head (after I told them to observe the Guinness effect in the shot glass first). It looked like this:

These guys were calling it the “Big Ben”, because their friend Ben was the one to turn them onto it. I called it the Guispresso. Any suggestions for serving it up, or for a more creative name, made up or pre-existing, would be appreciated.

  1. black & blacker?
    brewed awakening?

  2. I like “Black’n Blacker”, although I suppose it would not be right to call it “Black on Black”, which I like the sound of phonetically.

    But “Brewed Awakening” is already taken:

    • mikep
    • March 25th, 2007

    I think I have also been to a shop with that name-I don’t know if it was used for a specific dink, though.

    I suppose “Black in Black” evokes a song title, but the more I say it, the less comfortable I am with it!

  3. Tryst, a shop in DC whose sister store I work for, serves that drink and calls it a Dufrain. I have no idea where the name comes from though.

  4. I kind of like the AC/DC reference. But the Dufrain sounds kind of official.

    Tryst, one of Counter Culture’s accounts, is held in very high esteem down here and has been sited to me for having an excellent Barista training program. What is their sister store?

  5. They have two sister stores, the Diner and Open City. The Diner is a diner and serves CC drip coffee. Open City is their restaurant/coffee shop hybrid and also serves espresso.

    I worked as a barista at Open City when it first opened and I recently came back one night a week as a bartender (picking up a new skill). The training program at both shops is pretty extensive.

    • Milky
    • March 29th, 2007

    I like the name Blarney Stone Smoothie or Blarney Stone Latte.

    A beer and an espresso sure sounds like the gift of gab to me.
    Plus, I just like saying Blarney

  6. The Blarney stone sure looks like something out of which you take a crap.

    Other than that, it is a cool name.

    • Milky
    • March 30th, 2007

    O there will be a lot of upset tourists when they learn they’ve been kissing a public privy.

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