After months in the conceptual phase I am finally publishing the inaugural episode of my long awaited coffee related podcast. Don’t be put off by the existence of other coffee related podcasts. I figure if you can have 500 channels on your TV, you shouldn’t mind too much having multiple podcasts in the industry.

The challenge was settling on a suitable format. Jive talkin’ co-hosts, cafe owner interviews, local cafe reviews, near real time Vlogging, and publication of highly controversial material have all been done already. That doesn’t leave much room for innovation. I have picked a style I like, and I’m going with it. Just click on the Reel-to-Reel, and if all goes well you will be in aural bliss after a painfully slow download from my free FTP server, (sorry, I’m on a tight budget here).

This episode focuses on the lie of the cappuccino ratios, and how I have handled the discrepancy in the past when customers stumble upon the cold and hard truth.

You will hear musical selections from the second release of kidart´s indie series, There Goes Winter. Kidart indie mix compiles bands from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Canada and the United States. The music is totally “Podsafe”.


Show Notes
Intro, first track————————————-Gatichaves
Pissy lady, second track———————–Underneath it all
75% milk, third track——————————Imagina
Harmonious Balance, fourth track——The Grumbi

I really would appreciate feedback so I can fine tune the procedure and get my polish on. Special thanks should go to my beautiful and forever young wife for giving me my allowance to buy a microphone, and to the Internet Archives for hosting the FTP and compiling a GiggaGig of Creative Commons License music.

    • mikep
    • June 11th, 2007

    can you post a direct link to the download location? i might just be an idiot, but i like to be able to right-click a link to “saveas” so i can put the podcast on portable media.

    aren’t the capp ratios complicated by the degree of ristretto-osity as well?

  1. Here you go:

    You actually have a choice of file format from which to choose. And yes, if your spectrum of shots range from .75 oz to 1.5 oz singles, and your cups go from 5.5 oz to 6.5 oz, well there is just no telling what the ratios are gonna be.

  2. haha, it was a cute romp and I’m glad you took the cappuccino–and customer to task.

    Work on getting a little better mic, your high-end is gone thus making you sound a bit muted.

    I enjoyed the format though!

  3. Oops, I didn’t see you had a new mic, haha 😉 Take that back, run it through a filter, or back away, or get a plosive filter.. or.. shucks.. i still liked it 😉

  4. The mic is a used dynamic mic, I don’t have an amp for it so I run it right into the computer. I haven’t found a good EQ setting for it, and it doesn’t pick up from a distance. So I’ve been futzing with it. I also think my speakers may not reproduce accuratly for me to know what it sounds like to others.

    Ideally I would like to get a condensor, but that’ll have to come out of an other paycheck or two, But thanks for the imput.

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