I hate moving

I have spent a full week and a day packing, loading, boxing, renting turcks, driving trucks, caging cats, moving furniture and appliances, signing documents, signing more documents, sitting in DC traffic, signing documents, selling coffee and setting up coffee brewing equipments, packing more boxes, unloading more boxes, pulling the ocaissional all nighter to pack more boxes, signing documents, telling my realestate broker to stop patronizing me and generally go screw himself with roughly textured items, hearding cats and strapping cat cages down in cramped truck cabs, backing up a big truck into tiny driveways, and of course signing documents.

All of my worldly possesions are now up North and I am the owner of a residence in the town of West Chester PA, but still living Raleigh NC in my Uncle’s basement.  This weekend I am in PA with my inlaws closing on the new house and visiting one my future clients up here.  Milkboy, on the Main Line just outside of Philly, is a tight space with a GB5 and nothin’ but French Press.  I went in incognito and got a cup of press and a shot.  The preparation was with full attention to quality and freshness, and this is a huge deal.  So often the little things are overlooked, but these guys were operating with both eyes open.  Then I was off to the second land transfer settlement of the week for me.  That was completely exhasting, but it put me in my new house.  The new place will be livable after the kitchen, winodows, and roof are all completelly replaced.  More moving updated to follow, as they say.

    • danielhumphries
    • July 1st, 2007

    Good luck on the new job and the new digs, Phil!

  1. Thanks, it has been a rough couple of months getting it all together, but it has been well worth it already.

  2. Sounds like you’ve gone through hell(or is it Lagos).

    Next time you should take the interstate and avoid the side-roads.

    Sweet find on Milkboy.

  3. Phil:

    Where in West Chester? I used to live in West Chester! Also check out Gryphon Cafe in Wayne (corner of Lancaster Ave and Wayne Ave) and La Colombe in Manayunk and on 19th/Walnut downtown Phila. Just for Philly coffee reference.

  4. Aaron,
    I’ll be just off campus, about four or five blocks from Gay St. We can walk to a bunch of stores and cafes and restaurants and breweries, and music stores, and gas stations, and pizza places, and the dollar store. All my neighbors are professors, not students.
    Thanks for the tip on Gryphon, I already know about La Colombe. Let the cuppings commence!

  5. Sounds like Dean or Price Street maybe? I lived on S. Wayne Street just on the other side of S. New Street across from the campus. I had forgotten all about Iron Hill Brewery. Try the Pig Iron Porter.

    You’ll absolutely love living in West Chester. It’s a gorgeous little college town that is sophisticated enough because of its money and proximity to the big city. It’s just too bad the best hoagie place and steaks place have closed. It’s just too bad that little shop on the opposite corner from Iron Hill isn’t a killer coffee house. It has gone through several mutations over the years, from semi-bad coffee to women’s hip clothing to…whatever it is now. Still Roxy Clothes?

    Lemme know if you want recommendations on stuff before you try it. Good luck and have fun in beautiful Chester County!

  6. Thanks! Price street, don’t know about Roxy yet, I’ll have to walk around. I’ll let you know when I need a good dry cleaners or whaterver.

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