This is What it’s all About

I found this on  This doodle represents everything we are trying to do in the specialty coffee industry.  One should look forward to, and think fondly of one’s coffee break.  One should dream and fantisize about it.  Coffee should creep into the frontal lobe via the reptilian stem, touching all memories real and ancestral.  The welling up of coffee from the subconscious should cause the limbs to move, tracing the outlines and causing to take shape the image on one’s self reliving the moment when that beverage was transporting.  The added bonus is the feeling of being enveloped in a shroud of love.


 This was doodled and originally posted by lebonbonmulticolre, also known as Izzy from the street style blog Mtl Street.  BTW, Montreal is my hometown too.

    • Katy
    • August 6th, 2007

    Phil? Um this is a blast from the past but I think I spent a summer with you at NC School of the Arts. If this is you I would love to talk with you. Send me an email okay?

  1. I did spend a summer or two at NCSA circa 1983. My time there was spent mostly hallucinating about large concrete elephants. Come to think of it, they may have been real. So my memory of that time is a mix of both the real and the imagined. The result is that I can’t recall the name “Katy”.

    Nice to hear from you anyway.

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