Off to Center City

I took the train into Center City Philadelphia yesterday and walked around for several hours visiting coffee and waffle shops.  Some of the many interesting sights included a young blond “skanky” woman who was puking pink smoothie on to the street.  When she was done she hacked a little bit, sat down on a bench, then got back up to dry heave a bit.  There was also a homeless man with a red baseball hat onto which he had duct taped a rather large piece of card stock with a great deal of hand written text.  It may have been bible verses, I’m not sure, but he certainly intended it to be read by all.  He crossed the street with an umbrella used as a walking stick, approached the trash bin, and selected two clean sheets of copy paper which he folded in half and pocketed.  I thought to myself, “yes, good find”.

The city was bustling with movement, indifferent personal discomfort, friendly to strangers, warm and sunny, and saturated with brilliant architecture and history.  I loved it.

The Comcast Building is towering montrosity in glass and steel.  When you stand at the base of it, though, you don’t really notice it much.

  1. Take a walk in the neighborhood east and south of Washington Square. It’s quiet and beautiful and “historical feeling” and tucked out of the way of the bustling city.

  2. Almost everything here is old. I come from a town that takes down anything that starts to look a little aged. It is crazy man, crazy.

  3. Phil:

    When do things get rolling for you/CCCC up there? Is it Philly proper or West Chester? Drop me an email…there’s somebody I want you to meet.

  4. Gotta love center city….I lived there for 5 years, remind me to divulge a few of my favorite little tucked away places….there’s a little traditional french bistro I think you might enjoy, and the coffee is at least drinkable.

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