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NYC, a short visit

I recently took the train up from Philly to NYC to spend the day with John Moorewhere we took measurements and photos with the idea of redesigning the coffee bar layout at the Spotted Pig.  I have a little bit of job history with drawing construction and engineering plans with Autocad, so I get called in whenever there is some design work to do.  I took the opportunity to stop in at some of the coffee hot spots while I was in town.

nith st

Ninth Street Espresso at Chelsea market: non-stop action with adoring fans who lavish the Baristas with compliments.


Everyman Espresso: tight and sweet shots, we spent a good while tasting experimental espresso blends.


Grumpy at Chelsea: I had a cup of Beloya, which was fantastic, like a juicy strawberry and sweet tart candy.

I hope to get a new digital camera  with in the next year, so until then, please enjoy the distorted perspective of the Treo phone camera.