Annual Evaluation

So the original intent of my bolg was to chronicle my return to the SERBC, and hopfully take a top three spot.  I live just outside of Philadelphia this year, so I am not in the Southeast area.  Now I am in the Mid Atlantic, which may possibly be in DC come February ’08. 

 The topics of this blog have not really been about my future plans for competition, so I guess I have not really fulfilled my mission.  But in my own defense, I did not want to let the cat out of the bag as far as my sig bev goes.  One of the things I lost points on last year was the unique nature of my drink.  It would seem that it was not original enough.  I made it using an ingredient that I had never hear of untill a couple of months before the competion.  I assumed no one else had heard of it either.  Starbucks came out with a big ass latte using the flavor only about a month or two after the competition.  I can’t help but wonder where they got the idea.  But anyway, one of my judges had apparently hear of the drink before.  It was a shot of espresso with carmalized sweetened condensed milk; dulce de leche.  A Columbian neighbor’s mother told me about how they made it in South American countries and eat it in a variety of ways.  It did not score too well.

  The secrecy with which Baristas plan their signature drinks is instigated by the necessity for originality.  With hundreds of Baristas running through the course of competitions since the beggining of the format, it very difficult to come up with something new.  I thought I had come up with somthing truley original this year, so naturally I did not want to let any info get out there for someone else to beat me to the punch. 

    Anyway, yet another competition is getting ready for the near future.  If you have seen the latest Fresh Cup magazine you may have seen the paper doll Barista ad for the Nothwestern.  I thought it was clever and I cut it out for my daughter to glue on some paper.  But I also scanned it to the computer to have at it myself.  Please enjoy.

  1. Phil:

    In Texas and Northern Mexico we call that a “cafecito.” Sometimes made with sweetened condensed milk; other times with heavy whipping cream and a dollup of honey. Great in the afternoon. I used to muse with myself that if I ever had a retail space of my own I would offer free cafecitos between 2-4pm weekdays, as it was always thought of around my family as a sort of siesta drink.

  2. Well there you go, practically a whole life style has been crafted around a drink I had presumed I invented. Hubris is a swift kick in the pants.

    I can practically guarantee that my next concoction is not a beverage that is served anywhere, for morning or afternoon.

  3. Just a little googling would have probably cleared that up before it ever left the ground.

    I have until June..ish. And I’ve started planning for the next SCRBC.

    It’s funny, because now I’m finding all the things that were impossible to find before the last one.. for two reasons.

    1: I’m starting early
    2: I’m not looking for them anymore.

    Murphy’s law rocks my socks.. and not in a good way.

  4. My Columbian friend called the stuff by a name that came up nothing on the Google. Anyway, I’ll be going with a more science and physiology tack than a pure culinary.

    Can’t wiat to see you come up with for June.

    • onion sprout
    • October 31st, 2007

    i, like so many others that are faithfull foiowers of the showtime series weeds, have been turned on to the social activist/song writer, Malvina Reynolds. the show features her song “little boxes” as the intro tune and has been covered by many artists including Elvis Costello. if you have not checked out someof her other tunes i suggest that you do. good stuff

  5. I prefer the Devadra Brundheart version, much more ticky tacky.

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