Photos from origin

Photographs taken in coffee growing regions are all the rage this year. Well, that and pour over coffee. Pour over is something I have a great deal of experience with. The chances of ever taking a trip to origin for me is slim to none. This will have to suffice in lieu of origin photos.

My daughter drew this coffee tree on the white board with erase markers. This is currently her favorite medium. After snapping the picture, she added a ladder with a stick man (me) picking ripe cherries from the heavily burdened branches of this gargantuan variety.

  1. Subject of my new documentary: Phil’s daughter- art savant, or pawn for Phil’s own artistic outlet?
    I can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    I know – you can’t either.

  2. I love her placement of her sig, Phil.

  3. Yes, if you look carefully, you can see she has carved her name into the tree trunk.

  4. That’s a fun picture – I love the sense of perspective at the size of the trunk in relation to the branches. Children’s imaginations are fantastic! I am a jewellery artist dedicated to turning children’s drawings into jewellery and am always surfing the web for examples of drawings to inspire me. I am not trying to sell but have a look at my site if you get a chance. I am off for a coffee now!!

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