Not getting what you want from the shop?

I would like to relate an anecdote, a true story, of ordering something in a food service place, complaining about how it was made, and consequently being told how it should be made.

About 14 years ago, my roommate and I stopped for lunch at an Italian eatery in Garner N.C. Be aware that Garner is small “Mayberry” type of town “out in the county”. They resist development because they like it the way it was in the 50’s, and they want to keep it that way. There is a section of the highway running through town that has some big name places, but there is certainly nothing in town that can be called Fine Dining. So we stop in, I think it was a Ragazzi’s, and ordered some kind of pasta. My roommate, a native of an even countrier town called Clayton, was displeased with the texture of his meal. He told the waiter that his pasta was undercooked. We received a very serious look from him as he sourly informed us:

“It’s called Al Dente, and it is suppose to be cooked that way.”

I guess this was one of those places that simply won’t prepare things any old way you ask for it, even if that is the way they do it at the cafeteria.

  1. No offense, but don’t think Ragazzi’s is really Garner-based. The good news is our “resistance to development” has grown our corporate tax base 216% in two years, with Pergo Flooring, Butterball Turkeys moving their national headquarters to Greenfield Parkway and Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hechet’s, Kohls, etc have been pretty pleased adding stores in White Oak Shopping Center. I would highly recommend Zaze Japanesse Steakhouse for “fine dining” and a great show. Nobobdy likes a bad waiter but hard to condemn a town over it. Come again!!

  2. Ah, was this allegorical, Onion Bean? :>)

    P.A., I don’t think this was intended as a slight to Garner, but a comment on the recent coffee-tinted blow-up between a NYC based blogger and a DC coffee maven.

    I think.

    Regardless, 14 years ago a waiter should have replaced a place of pasta. Nobody likes a crunchy linguine, and I don’t consider it fine dining unless the chef flicks a shrimp directly into my mouth, to the applause of all onlookers.

    Glad to hear y’all are doing so well. [wink]

  3. I lived in Garner for seven years, and in an adjacent city for twenty years before that, and I can assure you that the White Oak shopping center is just about the only development that has happened there in all that time. And say what you will about the corporate tax base, my property value remained relatively stagnant the whole time I was there.

    Yes, it is a story that parallels the recent public debate over the proper way to serve an iced beverage containing espresso.

  4. 7 whole years? I stand corrected. Enjoy your coffee…

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