Ben Helfen’s format for Octane’s Thursday Night Throwdown has been picked up, with permission by some folks in Charlotte and Washington DC. I just happened to be in DC this particular Thursday at the Counter Culture Coffee training center where the event held its inaugural throwdown. Ben has sent his PDF for the judges calibration and scoring. Without a proper projector, the white erase board became the Jumbo-Tron for the evening. There was a smallish turn out, mostly from Murky coffee. Despite the short list of competitors, the experience and pouring quality was quite high.

Judges included Alex Brown, Counter Culture’s local rep who is following in Ryan Jensen’s cavernous shoes. There was also Trish Rothgeb, currently working as a freelance Q grader testing consultant for several coffee growing countries around the world. Thirdly was a man named Cupcake, who sweetly lives up to his name judging by the baked goods which he brought. Yum.

Katie Duris played hostess for the event, and she held her composure marvelously as she was followed by a video camera and a puffy microphone most of the evening.

Trish and Cupcake go over scoring criteria.

Events began with judges calibration: Trish and Cupcake go over scoring criteria.

Katie opens the night ceremony with a few words.

Katie opens the night's ceremony with a few words.

Nick Cho pours a reverse heart, not the winner.

Nick Cho pours a reverse heart, not the winner.

To be held once a month, this will be a tough crowd to please. The skill level in DC is pretty well developed. Between Murky, Big Bear, and Peregrine, it will be hard to score well against this crowd. But don’t let that scare you off. This is an event worth the trip for anyone within a 2 hour radius.

    • katiecoffee
    • October 13th, 2008

    thanks for the kind words phil! i’m so glad you were able to make it, and hope there are TNTs down the road that you can make it to as well!

  1. As long as they happen on Espresso Lab Thursdays I will be there.

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