Oh, the beauty of language!

You already know about the McD’s ad campaign for their new McCafe program.  Well how about the Starbucks ad campaign?  One of the many new images they are currently putting out is a full page magazine ad with a burlap background.  The ad reads:

“Starbucks uses 3% of the world’s best beans.”

My initial interpretation of its meaning was that they claim to use the top 3% of the highest quality beans.  But wait, that’s just what they want me to think!  Upon furthur reflection, I came to the following realizations.

Fact- Starbucks only purchases Arabica coffee.

Fact- Starbucks buys 3% of the world’s Arabica production.

Fact- The highest quality coffees in the worls come from Arabica varieties, and none of the highest quality coffees come from Robusta vaieties.

Fact- Not all Arabica varieties are harvested, processed, and treated with the level of care that produces great coffees.

So their claim is absolutely true, they buy 3% of the world’s “best beans”, Arabica beans.  This is not to say that the coffee they buy is at the top of the quality pyramid, they don’t make that claim at all.  So we can conclude that they do not buy at least 97% of the best coffees in the world, probably less, according to thier wording.

  1. It’s hard to come by well-informed people in this particular topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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