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Aida, holding my bag

I made this messenger bag from a burlap coffee bag from Finca Mauritania.  Betty from Spruce Street Espresso took in to El Salvador for a bag making project, the details of which will be forthcoming.  Here is Aida Battle, coffee producer and owner of Finca Mauritania, holding the bag.  Apparently she though Betty was giving to her as a gift, and was disappointed when she had to give it back.

Coffee fest stuff



So what is going on in Seacaucus? Well, no drainage on the show floor, but there is water lines in. And we are brewing lots of coffee.

The MARBC is taking place in a humid shoe box. That wreaks havok with grinder settings. And union wages make it prohibativley expensive to video srteam, so I don’t know if that will happen.

Some interesting barista tools though. Tired of customers complaining of noisy knock boxes? How about an automatic portafilter cleaner from