Hangin’ with the Champ

While Gwylim Davies was stuck in North America  (on account of all that volcanic eruption over the skies of Europe) I took the opportunity to visit my co-workers at the New York Counter Culture training center to cup with him.  We also ate copious amounts of meat at the Texas BBQ joint across the street.  Then he pulled a guest shift at Dean & Deluca in Soho.

Gwylim shows Maria some cool Barista stuff

We had cupped the components of the Toscano blend, sort of the old flagship CCC espresso.  Gwyliam and I talked about the Sumatra Gayo ingredient.  He was genuinely surprised that a Sumatran coffee could actually taste good.  We talked of the tradition in Sumatra of very careless processing by hundreds of small garden farmers, and of how meticulously this coffee from the Northern tip of the island had been handled.  A little education and some incentive ($) go a long way towards elevating coffee quality from almost any particular  region (given the terroir is appropriate).

There was a pretty small turnout to the cupping considering the significant guest

All in all it was a fun day, and it’s nice to catch a few zzzes on the train coming home, even though it’s pretty late by the time I pull up to my house after a NY visit.

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