MANE Barista Jam, 2010

2009's Spro Down champ, 16 year old Casey Killo of Perk On Main in Emmaus, PA, with Jam organizers Troy Reynard, Cosmic Cup in Easton, Gerra Harrigan of New Harvest in Providence.

The Mid-Atlantic/North Eastern Barista Jam is set to go for October 8-10, 2010.  This year marks the first North Eastern location, Providence Rhode Island.  The Jam will alternate between the Mid-Atlantic and North Eastern locations each year from now on.

This Barista Jam is much more than a simple Jam.  It is a 3 day extravaganza, a convention, a massive gathering, with participants last year coming from Ohio, upstate New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and California.  Lectures from World Barista Champs, coffee importers, and top shelf professional trainers are par for the course.   Activities ranging from free form espresso play, manual brewing experimentation, latte art throwdowns and spro downs are always on tap.  Delicious food, copious alcohol, and the occasional  hot tub are always on the agenda.   This is not a small gathering of Baristas in little coffee shop, this is a blow-out of huge stature that goes on for days.  Connections are made, careers are forged or bolstered, new friendships are formed and old one sustained.  The elbows you rub here might someday get you a job that will propel you skills to new levels unachievable at your current dead-end job.  Star crossed lovers will meet.  Lives and careers may very well reach the turning point they have been waiting for.  This is not hyperbole, people, this event is the pinnacle of Barista Jams in North America.  Brace yourselves.

I will post registration details  as soon as they become available.  If I am not overstepping by giving you a tiny preview,  I have it on good authority that the keynote speaker this year will be Sarah Allen  of Barista Magazine.

Ellie Matuzak, with assistant David Latourell (sitting on the table), at the esspreso preparation lecture at the 2009 MANE Jam

Also, I’ve updated the blog appearance to something new.

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