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To Clear the Air

Your list of life-long achievements will not be complete until you have seen this deliciously short and sweet YouTube video. I do, however, wish to clear the air and firmly establish my view on Decaffeinated Coffee. I do not look down upon decaf or decaf drinkers. There have been many occasions when a well prepared cup of properly decaffeinated coffee has provided me with a much needed boost in my morale and spirits at the end of a long day. I understand that decaf drinkers just want a cup coffee that tastes good.

My only point of contention is when the combination of coffee with no caffeine, milk with no fat, and sweetener with no sugar is poured into a large cup of warm nothingness. Would it not be infinitely more desirable to drink a very small cup of rich whole milk, real cane sugar, and pristine coffee? Just keep it all in sensible quantities. Let us put aside the fact that diabetics will want to use artificial sweeteners and some people with sensitive constitutions will want to stay away from caffeine.

I do remember making similar statements to the “why bother” comment to customers on occasion, but it was not strictly in relation to decaf. I would have been referring only to the aforementioned type of beverage, which I normally call The Hollow Log. I like to make fun banter with customers and I do not wish to be taken out of context.

It is a fun video, and well made too. Thanks to Nick for bringing it to my attention (I think he scours the video sites for this kind of thing). I do wish now that I had posted a nicer picture of myself, so I will leave with this photo. This is how I would like to be remembered.