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Yes, it is Esmeralda again

      Roasters who bought Esmeralda at the now famous Best Of Panama auction a mounth or so ago paid $130 per pound.  The same coffee could also be aquired directly from the farm, when and if available, at it’s regular price, which I don’t know.  The retail cost to the consumer for the 12 oz bags from Counter Culture Coffee was $30.  Is this price worth it?  Ask yourself this, how much did you pay for your last hair cut?  How much did you pay for a glass of wine the last time you ate out?  How much did you pay for your cool shoes, boots, Abercrombie shirt?  Stop worrying about the cost of damn good coffee.

   I made a french press of the Esmeralda the other day, my first encounter with it, and I thought it came out a little under done.  It seemed tea-like, but with a perfectly clean and crisp acidity and beautiful finish.   The next day I had some as iced coffee and it was like the most fantasitc thing iced tea wished it could be, with a good coffee foundation to boot.  Then when I made another press pot I over shot the mark and it came out bitter and a bit flat.  Then I cupped it and it was the most delightful fruity chinese Lychee and pink fruit.   Then the next day I cupped it and the after taste was a displeasing tartness.  Later that afternoon it was a delicious plum.  I’m torn.  Do I like it or not?  The fragrance is always the most fantastic coffee aroma I have ever known.  The flavor changes on me from day to day depending on too many factors to grapple at once.

    All coffees have a sweet spot when it comes to time, temperature, turbulance, and throw weight.  It is never a simple mecanical excercise to hit the bulls eye.  What I have found difficult with Esmeralda is that it is a moving target.  This is simultaniously the best, and most fickle coffee I have known.

   Maybe my expectations are that it must always be great.  This hasn’t been my experience though.  This morning I felt kind of like a chump in a room with 20 people cupping Esmeralda, and I was the guy who didn’t like the after taste.  Every body else was like “I love the after taste, I wanna carry it around all day!”  I was like “um, does anybody have any gum?”  But after lunch, while giving samples to some wine experts, it was transending.

   It just goes to show you, a Jaguar may be a fine automobile, but it will be in the shop often, and it will cost a fortune to get it fixed.

Oh Wonderful Podcast

I just don’t know what I would do without the Podcast. It makes the hours in my cubicle just whiz by as I listen to the latest scientific viewpoints, technological developments, and the arguments put forth by the religious community. Oops, I didn’t meant the PF Podcast, I’m talkin’ ’bout Dr. Zchary Moore, Ph.D.’s Evolution 101 Podcast. I have been listening to thing for the last few weeks, and I am riveted. It reminds me of watching an episode of Cosmos, Carl Segan’s old PBS series.

I don’t care what your religious or spiritual viewpoints are, this guy is worth lending you ear. Maybe next week I’ll turn you on the Urantia Book, too. That is a whole different world.

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