The Gold Filter Revolution: The Movie

This will change the way you look at coffee, for the rest of your life.

Or at least give you something to think about, another option to contemplate.

Note: the music  is Shopping, by LipKandy, used under creative commons license.

    • Milky
    • March 29th, 2007

    Great demonstration. I have a blade grinder that I hate but I don’t have $ to spend on a powered conical burr grinder. Do you have a recommendation for a value manual grinder?

  1. I keep meaning to check out some manuals, but I have not done it yet. I saw some interesting models at William Sonoma, but I don’t know the price.

    When I use to use a crank grinder it took forever and a day to make one cup, and you get PopEye arms. Put $7 in a box every week for 22 weeks and you are home free. Or try a used model on Ebay.

  2. So do I need to throw out my press?

  3. No, the best cup of coffee I have had all week was from a press. Just press slowwwww, pour slowwwwww, and you can get a real clean cup, comparitavely.

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